mardi 2 juin 2009

How to submit a website to is the new search engine of Microsoft. Microsoft try to increase the visibility of this new search engine.

The bot of is MSNBot (The Bing web crawler, a program that searches Web pages and indexes the content, including text, photos and links for searching.) Is a web Bing (a program that searches Web pages and indexes the content, including text documents, images and links , search. web crawler used by Bing is also known as MSNBot.), which automatically crawls the web to find and add information to Bing search index. MSNBot searches websites for links to other sites. So one of the best ways to ensure that MSNBot can find your website contain valuable content from other web site owners want to link.

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While MSNBot crawls billions of pages, not all web pages are indexed. For websites to be indexed must meet specific standards for content, design and technical implementation. For example, if your website link structure no links to any page on your site, MSNBot may not all web pages on your website.

Make sure your website is governed by directives Bing indexing. These guidelines will help you to key elements of the content searchable on the website. Also make sure that your site does not infringe any of the technical guidelines which may prevent the website ranking. For more information on the website of the evaluation results on the Web

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